I am asked frequently about Shakeology now so let me share my own personal story....

In December 2014 I tried my first bag.  I planned to only drink it for a month as a taste trial while I did my 21 Day Fix and go from there.  I am a huge fan of health-food and have tried nearly every single shake mix out there.  I found myself to enjoy the flavor of the 'protein' drinks over the greens drinks, as I think everybody does.  I was a big fan of combining the aspects of both greens and protein...  with time, some skill, frozen fruit, my blender and creativity I could create something that offered both protein AND beneficial greens and super foods.   No joke.  Was it delicious?  Goodness no, but it was palatable.  Could I find time to do this everyday?  Nope.  Im a busy mom and just can't commit that sort of time for something that I really didn't enjoy anyway.  So, my smoothie powders sat in my pantry where they belong.  Slowly but surely we would by new ones, hoping to find something that was beneficial AND good.

Have you seen this hysterically lame commercial?  That lady is TOTALLY me.   Or, rather WAS me.

Insert Shakeology.

I was put off by the price at first, I am extremely frugal by nature.  I figured ONE bag was worth a shot, why not?!?!

My first impression was being overjoyed at the taste.  I purchased the Chocolate flavor and simply mixed it in my shaker with water AND IT WAS GOOD.  A full week of daily drinking and I quickly fell in love with the flavor, I also figured how to make it even more decadent by simply blending it with ice water, or even tossing in a piece of fruit if I wanted a meal.  At this point I was noticing serious changes in my energy level.  I truly had more all-day long energy.  My overall mood was improved and I was more clear-headed.  Impressive.

omg.  it works.  it really works!

My first months supply ran out and I debated my options, after a week without my shake I knew I had to have it back in my life.  As a busy mom I need that extra edge to keep up with my active children, our property and busy lives.

Now, 4 months later I literally have zero sugar cravings.  They are totally gone.  I am no longer even tempted by ice cream, candy, chocolate and treats.

I don't buy junk food anymore, this long term energy effect had brought my coffee habit down to half- without even trying!  This great stuff replaces my vitamins, my probiotics and my herbs and superfoods.  The financial savings with just these changes makes it worth it.  My weight loss, energy, great mood and lack of cravings make this something I need in my life.

Don't like to 'drink your meals'?  Me either!  I use my shake as a morning or afternoon snack, resulting in a smaller lunch or dinner since my bodies needs are met, Im not starving for nutrition anymore.

Wanna read more and see some facts?  Find it HERE.

Need a chuckle?  You must not have watched that video yet- scroll up and watch :)

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