Saturday, April 16, 2016

Coffee Savings

This huge 2lb bag of delecious fair trade coffee beans is about $10 at my local Costco right now.  

Generally, we (since having children and trying to hold said crying babies while making coffee) now use a Keurig and buy the Kirkland brand K-Cups which are about 32 cents each.  Super easy to produce a cup of coffee while simultaneously wiping a toddlers face and serving another one her 3rd breakfast at 5am.   

Fast forward a few has settled down and balanced out and, boy,  I miss good coffee! I also want to cut the budget back.   As we discussed this 2lb bag is only $10. We like our coffee strong so should be getting about 40 servings per pound.  A cup runs about 12 cents this way...  if we were to totally switch to these beans and drink 1 cup a day each- except double on the weekends....  38 cups times 2 people is 76 cups of coffee.  

76 Kirkland K-Cups= $24.32
76 Espresso Beans cups= $9.12

Grinding my own beans saves us $15.20 per month! 

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