Friday, September 4, 2015

OG LORI Dolls at Target... and Im in love!

My daughters spotted these darling little dolls at Target a couple weeks ago.  I have heard about them almost daily ever since :)  I decided to take my littlest one out today to spend some of her birthday money and learn a little more about these sweet dolls she can't stop talking about. 

This is pretty much exactly how my 2 daughters look.  Nice job OG, nice job. 

The OG Lori dolls come in a awesome variety of girls, different hair and skin colors, meaning little girls will be able to find one pretty much just like herself.

The pricer dolls come with a cute little dog....  darling! Is it worth the extra $6-7 thought?  I didn't think so.  My 7 year old will disagree with me! 

 With further inspection it does seem a few of these have sold already.  This entire display only takes up one end-cap on our old Target store, so a few missing make a big impact.  

A little more research tells me that very few Targets actually have these dolls, they are brand new and are not even on the website yet!  Why our Target was chosen I will never know!  Ours is a regular one (NOT a Super Target) and it is pretty old, at least 20 years.  We are a suburb an hour out of Seattle....  middle class, family oriented area, maybe a great test-area for this affordable product!

Sweet details, the back of the box on the $9.99 Clara doll (which my sweet little girl bought with her own birthday money to surprise her ballerina big sister...  seriously, you can't make this stuff up!) 

The outfits are only $6.99!  Thats not a terrible price in my opinion, pretty good for all it entails.   The quality is to be expected for a 'store brand', not great, but good enough, and goodness, they are darling!  The cute pink eyeglasses don't stay on well at all...  maybe I can make them work... velcro closures for the most part, shoes are easy enough to put on and take off, even for my 5 year old!  Worth the splurge!

The modern home is really cute, at only $39 its actually a bargain for those of us who are used to paying for quality wood toys.  This home is a hip square, a slab of astro-turf on the top resembles a trendy California pad.  While this may not be Haba quality, its perfect for a couple bigger girls who love to play!

THE LIGHTS WORK!!!  My 5 year old and I had a blast getting everything out and playing today ;) It appears all drawers open, and pretty much everything works.

Pretty darn cute.  A waterfall edge countertop would have made it even more perfect, I will forgive them!  At least it looks like marble ;)

I appreciate the way they list what is actually included in an attractive and easy to find spot.

Furniture set suggestions.  Love!

Every little girl will adore the stairs that actually go to each living space!

A couple of the furniture sets.  Cute. 

This is on my little girls wish-list now.  Everything functions, drawers open, etc.  Super cute!

Because every girl needs a stylish RV.

The ballet studio.  It is more impressive in person. This sweet set plays music, at the piano of course!

Awesome details such as the barre, mirrors and that precious radiator!

More from the attached flyer. 

Chalkboard that works!  My daughters would have hours of fun with that alone.  This ballet studio is only $29.  Someone please stop me from running out to buy it RIGHT NOW.

My baby got to purchase a couple dolls, she was so excited, she carried them around the entire store while we shopped.  I followed behind her with infatuation. 

Such sweet dolls with positive messages.  I can't wait to get more from the AG Lori collection!

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  1. Are they half size of American Girls? They look very similiar. What an excellent price for dolls!
    Here from Monday Madness.

    1. They are 6 inch dolls and beautiful.

    2. They are 6 inch dolls and beautiful.