Saturday, July 18, 2015

The products I am reviewing.... and how you can too!

I signed up with this brand new company a few months ago...  they have since grown and are now a part of my daily and/or weekly life!
I had SO much fun reviewing these essential oils!

Dollar Deal Reviews offers both totally FREE items to review AND items to review for just $1.  All things are purchased from Amazon and having a Prime account is crucial, otherwise you would pay for shipping, and nobody likes to pay for shipping!

Want to join the group?  They have available spots right now, sign up here- its totally free and worth it!  You, literally, have nothing to loose!

a 'silpat' for baking.  I had always wanted one- I LOVE this thing! 

How does it work?

1) Sign up(simple- no financial info needed)

2) Choose your desired product on their site. (they give you enough 'credit' for 2 at a time)

3) Use coupon code and order it on Amazon.

4) Receive your product and review it!

5) Past review link on Dollar Deal Reviews and get 'credit' for another product!

this motion activated light is AMAZING for my daughters tiny, dark closet! 

Other things I've gotten include a tempurepedic-like pillow, chalk markers, kitchen gadgets....  there are currently over a dozen available item choices to review RIGHT NOW!  :D

and sometimes we get a dud...  I still cannot figure out how to get this thing to work, thank goodness it was totally FREE!

Its so fun and easy, we have gotten so many great things from Dollar Reviews already, I always look forward to my next review!  I love how flexible they are in allowing 2 weeks to write your review!

Do you like reviewing products?  Let me know if you sign up and what items you picked!!!

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