Sunday, April 26, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: Clean Eating & back to Budget: full week of dinner for 4 just $29

I have learned that construction is more expensive than we even realized.  The sheer amounts of money we are required to come up with BEFORE we even get financed is shocking.  Now I know why people choose to move instead, or buy 'ready to go' homes.  It all makes sense now ;)

SOOOO, our budget is back to the bare minimum for a few months.  We need thousands more dollars of CASH than we have already put into this project.  Organization is key, I cannot run this family on one little income if I don't plan ever single detail ahead of time.

Organization, hard work, focus and more hard work.

I got this.

Heres our Healthy Budget friendly menu for the week!

Balsamic Chicken 
$4.15 total cost
chicken 1lb 2.30
balsamic, spices, plums .35
roasted broccoli $1.50

total is $3.25
1/2 jar salsa .70
homemade beans .45
cabbage, onion .35
ground beef, 1/2 lb 1.50
yogurt .20
lime juice, hot sauce .05

Whatever Wednesday
1.40 total cost for hotdogs, leftover dinners already budgeted for!
(my new plan for Wednesday is leftover night or sandwiches or hotdogs...)
turkey hot dogs, 1 pack $1
homemade buns .40

Chili Night
$2.70 total cost
dry pinto beans $1
tvp gifted to me Free (value is probably $2-3?)
onion, garlic, spices .60
tomato, canned $1
carrots .10

Pizza Night
a spendy $11.20 dinner
Costco pizza $9
veggie tray, homemade, $2
rance, homemade .25

Potato Soup, crockpot
total $2.45
potatoes .40
almond milk .25
garlic, onion, spices .30
yogurt .50
steamed broccoli to stir in $1

Pasta Night 
total cost $4.05
Pasta, 1/2 box organic .75
ground turkey 12 oz 2.50
zucchini, 1,  .30
salad, bulk, .50

The grand total for the week of dinners FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR is only $29.20, and this includes one take out meal- Costco pizza.

Being thrifty is no easy task, but the rewards are worth every second of multi-tasking, organization and sacrifice.  Its the only way I know how to be.

What sorts of healthy clean recipes do you make that are also budget friendly?  I think I need some new ideas!

Heres a couple ideas for next week:  stir fry, chicken soup, kale and sausage, ohh, I could make my frittatas again!  The kiddos love sandwiches and so do hubby and I,  I should do a sandwich night again....  fancy, like this Pinterest find?  so cute!

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Thanks for reading!  Lets have a healthy week and keep it on budget!

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  1. Nice work! This looks like a great menu for cheap. Healthy too!

  2. Great menu for so little money! We are doing panini's this week, the kids like the "fancy" sandwich idea :)