Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Menu Plan Monday- Dinner for 4 at $25 a week!

I did all my grocery shopping for this pay-period yesterday. That post here!  I spent about $180 and will use those groceries along with what we already have to organize our Menu for the next 2 weeks.  This leaves me still $100 to pick up produce and other items (dog food!!) 'til the 15th.  I will make this work- no problem!

When I returned home after my through 2 hour grocery trip yesterday I unloaded and threw together a bunch of freezer meals.  This will greatly help us stick to our budget right now!

I will do approximate meal costs for the family of 4.  Most of these meals will do well as leftovers for lunches, hubby and big-girl take leftovers for lunch and little-girl and I scrounge at home!

Monday Feb 2nd
jar marinara, zucchini noodles with my new tool! ground turkey, Kale Caesar salad, corn pasta
(appx $4.50 total)

Tuesday Feb 3rd
tacos using my jarred refried beans, ground turkey, ww tortillas from Costco, veggies
(total appx $3.50)

Wednesday Feb 4th
turkey sausage and peppers- freezer crockpot meal, top over brown rice.
(total about $2.50, as I got turkey sausages for a killer steal)

Thursday Feb 5th
Minestrone Jar Soup from the pantry, which my family ADORES.  Win!  I will add a little fresh veg.
(total $2)

Friday Feb 6th
homemade pizza with this always successful dough recipe, doubled and with pizza zucchini boats for me!
(dough $1, cheese $1.50, zuc $1, such $1= $4.50)

Saturday Feb 7th
Cabbage Soup- from the freezer, make loaf of fresh bread
( $3 soup, $1 bread= $4)

Sunday Feb 8th
pasta night, homemade bread leftover from previous night, balsamic carrot salad

Monday Feb 9th
Jar Meal Dal Tadka, Chicken Curry (freezer meal) Brown rice, steamed veg

Tuesday Feb 10th
Quinoa Bruschetta Bake,  21 Day Approved, (freezer meal) Kale Salad
( $3, $1 salad = $4)

Wednesday Feb 11th
Fish Tacos using breaded fillets I got for 1.50 a box, shredded cabbage, yogurt dressing

Thursday Feb 12th
Baked potato bar, turkey bacon, sour cream or greek yogurt, cheddar, broccoli etc

Friday Feb 13th
Pizza night- Safeway should have $5 pizza today.  Salad, purchased in bulk size bag

Saturday Feb 14th
Chili - make big batch using dried beans, etc.  Freeze rest.

Sunday Feb 15th
Pasta Night.  homemade Freezer lasagna! Green salad
( $4.50, salad $1, leftover bread= $5.50)

The grand total for TWO full weeks of dinners made at home is just $50.50, or about $25 a week!  Unreal, right?

When I simply stock up on groceries at their cheapest price I can spread them through my menu.  Most things freeze wonderfully!
This is one example how we do this all on one little budget!!!  What do we drink at meals?  Water!!!  Do I have to do a LOT of prep for these??  Sort of, yeah.  BUT as a stay-at-home mom that is my job, right?  I work just as hard to maintain my job here, if I don't do well then we cannot afford to live this way and I might get 'fired' (insert lol).  But honestly, this is how we survive on a single income and continue to live a good life!

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  1. awesome! That is an amazing savings. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Looks like a little bit of planning makes a huge difference. Something to think about. I'm always looking for ways to save.