Friday, January 9, 2015

healthy zucchini pizza boats; paleo, 21 Day Fix, clean eating!

Its pizza night in our house tonight.  Normally I would enjoy a couple huge pieces of empty-carb-laden, blood-sugar spiking, then dipping, emotion-high and stomach-ache inducing pizza.  

Ahh, a classic American treat!

But not tonight.  Tonight I am committing to my body.

....and saving my carbs for wine instead.  duh.

and happy friday to you!

The process is simple.  While I have my families Costco pizza in the oven I quickly prep a few zucchinis.  Wash, slice in half and empty out a little of the seed area so there is plenty of room for the good stuff!

Fill with pizza sauce of any healthy type, cheese and whatever else you want.  I was certain to use my container to measure out the cheese and olives....  but the veggies?  Im being liberal there.  Its possible I overestimated on the vegetable portion by a little and that is a-okay with me.

Once all prepped and ready to go I popped these bad boys in a preheated toaster oven (using the big oven for the carb-y pizza, so thankful I have this little option) on a 350 degree temp for about 18 minutes!

The zucchinis I used were store-bought and tiny in comparison to what we Washingtonians grow in our garden- be aware of that!  A huge zuc will need to cook a bit longer.  I chose simple toppings of just oregano and kalamata olives.  It was delish!

21 Day Fix serving is 3 small zucchini at: 1 green, 1 blue and 1/2 orange.

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