Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bargains a plenty at Grocery Outlet.

I had about 7 things on my grocery list today...  so I went to Grocery Outlet.

Quinoa.  They didn't have any dang quinoa.  I didn't get quinoa.

But I only spent $46.  And my shopping cart was full.

Full of awesome, healthy and mainly organic food that WILL get eaten!

Want to see some deals and why YOU should be going to Grocery Outlet??  Keep reading....

Fantastic prices on these jams!

Finding natural jam is a tough chore sometimes...  these quality picks have no high fructose corn syrup and are a bargain!!!  I got both :)

so, so much good bread!  bread freezes well, you knew that, right?

One thing to be aware of is expiration dates...  many items are very close to expiration.  For canned items I like to use the date as a suggestion...  if a canned bean item is supposed to last 4 years, then I think 4 years and one month is totally fine.  You be the judge and be aware of what you are buying...

Organic squash soup- will be so good with a few add-ins for a quick and healthy dinner.  I got six cans.
almond milk starting at 99 cents

these are the bigger sized coconut water!

We cannot leave out the wine!  Always great bargains on beer and wine- quite a big section too!  Fun!

Fresh salsa in a huge container.  Great for taco tuesday night!

always a great selection of cheeses too.

use like cream cheese!

That is correct, just 33 cents for a package of pumpkin spice Alouette cheese.  Most soft cheeses freeze well, and the expiration date is soon so I popped these in the freezer- they will be great on bagels later!

Udis bread only $1.49!  in the freezer section ;)

Frozen organic vegetables should be in everyones freezer.  These big bags are $2.99 each!

not a bad price for quinoa pasta!
looks like a great price for a quick breakfast! (don't tell my kids- i did not even buy these :-/ )

yup.  even fresh produce!
this looks like a great deal on organic olive oil...
these expire now, but i figure my kids will eat the couple boxes i bought asap
my kids will be so excited to see these!

Cheerios are a middle ground on healthy to me, not something I would go out of my way to choose, but these sure looked fun and hopefully the added protein means added nutrients?  who knows!  the price had me, I will check ingredients later!

And a little granola for hubby- again, killer price on these natural varieties!

great price!

and heres the proof.  I spent only $46 on my cart full of groceries. Simply by scouring the shelves I was able to pick foods we would normally eat and SAVE US $111.91.

That savings is equal to a full days pay for many jobs, not including paying for a full day of child care, which would further reduce that number.  THIS my friends is how I make it all work!

Keeping in budget, staying healthy and making time to do what I love!

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