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Fabletics Review- my totally honest opinion, from a tall mama

I had to do it.  That bribe of a beautiful, flattering and high quality 2 or 3 piece yoga/running outfit at a bargain-basement cheap price.

You know they had me 'discount'.

I weighed my odds, the fact that we can indeed cancel our Fabletics VIP Membership at anytime...  or keep it and just skip each months outfit and wait 'til we really do need to buy one.  I only needed to pay a measly $25 for my first ENTIRE outfit, no strings attached, no other fees or commitments.  Is this too good to be true?

I have VERY high expectations when it comes to workout wear.   My body is not perfect, I am tall, I have given birth to 2 wonderful children, my young, firm 20s were many years ago.  I need pants that are comfortable, STAY UP, maybe hide a little bit of my cellulite and are long enough for my long legs- must be 'tall' or 'long' length in size.  Immediately I get to cancel out 'cheap' brands from stores such as Target and Walmart- nope, that stuff is not built for my body, can't have my pants inching down or giving me sagging crotch while I go for a nice jog.  Nordstrom makes a nice store brand, I believe its designed by previous designer for Lululemon... still pricy and Nordys is over an hour away.... which brings me to my #1 favorite brand and the brand I compare ALL my workout clothes with, yes, its Lululemon.  Comfortable, non-riding, thick enough to cover my imperfections and they have sizes and styles for tall women!!!  My one problem with Lulu?  the price.  I have only ever been lucky enough to receive designer Lulu wear as gifts and I covet every piece.   I cannot afford this brand on our one-income household.  Submariners don't get paid that much and thats a fact.

she looks good in anything

Insert Fabletics.

Designed in California by Kate Hudson.  Sounds cute- but isn't she like 95lbs and probably looks fantastic in a paper bag?  I had reservations but thought $25 was worth the risk- especially given the fact that i can return or exchange for free, no hassles.....

well that is good to know!  ;)

Sign up for a simple VIP Membership and your first ENTIRE outfit is as low as $25.  They do have a large variety to choose from and some of the prices go up depending.  I played it safe and choose a classic 2 piece outfit perfect for the chilly winter.  A darling hoodie and long, thick leggings in a color neutral charcoal grey color.  My total cost was just $25!!!  (on a side note I just spent some birthday money a couple weeks ago at a discount store to get some workout leggings on clearance for $24, and they are not even quite long enough)

My first impression when receiving the package was nothing special- it came in boring plastic, no  special colorful, sparkly wrapping at all, not even one gimmick.   Well, I quickly discovered that they don't indeed waste their money on packaging- they put it all into the clothing and Im okay with that!

No frills packaging.  And shipping is always free.

The beautiful Loveland Hoodie is a cotton blend- light weight, stunning blue color, the sleeves were long enough for me and the thumbholes in the perfect spot AND comfy to boot.  The length is ideal,  covering up much of my rear end while not being too long to wear with jeans too.  The lines on this are flattering, cut in a feminine shape- a key factor for me. A nice front kangaroo pocket is handy for storing items when hanging at home with the kids, perfectly even and no extra pouches to create extra 'pouches' on MY figure!   I will return an item that does not have a flattering cut, life is too short to look frumpy in clothing and I am so happy that this was designed to flatter women!  I got the size Large, I say it runs true to size if not a tiny on the fitted/smaller size.  The full price on this hoodie is only $29.95, I would pay that any day!

Next up we have the Salar Leggings, I choose the size Large in Tall.  These claim to be smooth, chafe-resistant, moisture wicking and have a four-way stretch.  They are nice and thick- certainly equal to Lulu quality, I AM IMPRESSED.  The long length is certainly perfect for me as is the 'mid-rise' slightly higher waist.  No love handles to speak of!  WHAT?!?!?! Did I mention how thick this fabric is??  Totally creates a smooth appearance and hugs my legs.  They of course include that convenient little front pouch pocket which is just perfect for your house key, car key, fitbit or maybe a small candy bar?  just kidding.

long lengths for tall girls too!

Now the real test- going on a run!  After these fun photos I hit the woods by myself and jogged on our trail, jumping and dodging the d@mn bunny holes and skipping over the pile of deer droppings...  result?  My outfit didn't shift- I didn't have to tug at anything, my ankles stayed covered and so did my rear!  Folks, we have a winner!!!  At total value of $49.95 these are cheaper than anything you will find around with only half the quality and comfort.  These by far compete with Lulu- oh so very much so!

I happily spent the rest of the day playing and lounging in my new duds.  Comfy as sweats but oh so much more stylish!  I cannot wait 'til I choose my next Fabletics items!!!

This review was not provided by or endorsed by anyone, it was strictly done on my own free will.  I am so happy I made the jump and tried them, I will be keeping my VIP Membership- I certainly need to get a few more of their leggings first and probably a tank top and I really want to try one of those infinity scarfs.....  If you choose to try out a discounted Fabletics outfit I would love to be the one to refer you!  Go ahead and check them out on anyone of my Fabletics links.  More bonuses for me means more informative information for you!  ...and, who knows, maybe one day soon I will start to earn freebies to give away!  ;)

For size reference I am 5 feet 10 inches tall and 150 pounds.  The large tops and large-tall pants fit me perfectly.

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