Tuesday, December 30, 2014

free magazine subscription for SELF magazine... and a few more choices!

This is a great one!  Rewards Survey has easy questionnaires and delivers their magazines quick, no strings attached- i've been using them for years!  They have new stock and an available questionnaire - earn yourself a subscription HERE, it only takes about 2 minutes, and if you don't like this magazine they have a handful of other options ;)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Menu Plan Monday! no grocery shopping?

just freshly back from a long family trip out of state.  we enjoyed our fair share of treats, now Im ready to get back to healthy eating again and so is my family!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

hummingbird food recipe, aka Bird Crack

its like crack, but for birds
Silently in my mind i refer to this as 'hummingbird crack'...  did I get that name from my step-dad?  Im not sure.  But I do know the recipe is from him....  and he is a natural bird-whisperer so I can assure you this is one good recipe! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

love my FREE magazines!

Rewards Survey is a legit company, i've used them for years!  They are offering points in exchange for doing a quick survey and in turn you can get a free magazine subscription of your choice!  Pretty sweet!  A great way to pick up some healthy encouragement delivered right to you! They offer digital and regular subscriptions, so be sure to read each image closely!  Get yours HERE :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

no excuses, working out anywhere!

You can work out anywhere if you REALLY want to! 

I simply found an empty hallway, borrowed a laptop I could play my dvd on and rocked it! 

Dedication. And it only took 30 minutes. Many people spend 30 minutes putting on makeup, I wasnt even missed! 

Where are you gonna workout today?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Birchbox December 2014, $43 value for just $5

ahh, I do love my Birchbox!

Here is what i got and why I consider this a frugal splurge....

Free Twinings Tea samples!

Choose your 3 free bags of tea- even organic! YAY! You know I love my healthy freebies!  Thanks Twinings!  Just go HERE and get yours!  Such a great way to try new flavors!  One of my selections was Lady Grey- a new one for me!  What did you pick?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

you can do anything you set your mind to. 

Feeling Amazing! down 6.5lbs! 21-Day Fit by Beachbody

I am starting to love Sundays.  I started the 21-Day Fit program 2 weeks ago and have enjoyed every minute of it, well, thats not totally true... I turned down a GIGANTIC plate of greasy nachos yesterday and it made me frowny-face  :(

but right now Im pretty gosh darn pumped!

Sunday is Weigh-In and Measurement Day.

Today is Sunday!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Free Urban Decay Eye Liner!

Heading into town to finish up some Christmas shopping today?  Here is a perfect stocking stuffer!  Urban Decay eyeliner, and we get a choice of 5 shades!  Print out the coupon HERE and head on in to the Sephora counter in JCPennys!  Let me know if you get one- and who's stocking its going to go in ;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

workout wednesday!

well here i am again. wednesday is my busiest day. 3 seperate trips in the car and 4 different commitments on wednesdays. 

but im still gonna workout!  gonna set the kiddos up with some hot cocoa and a fun project that hopefully earns me 30 minutes to get the job done!!

looking forward to my wednesday Lower Fix!

are you getting a workout in today???

snacking on the go

With 2 children in 2 schools at 2 totally different times its fair to say that I spend a good deal of time in the car. I find this a great oppertunity to eat healthy. It only takes a second of planning ahead and is worth the effort! 

I knew I would be out during the lunch hour so grabbed some turkey and spinach. Didnt take any effort on my part nor much time!  

Healthy fuel on the go! Yum! 

added bonus: no oppertunity to steal a treat from the pantry!

Do you eat on the run?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Homemade elderberry syrup recipe, stevia version is sugar free!

Elderberries are an amazing food and natural healer.  Plus they taste AWESOME!!!  Lets learn a little about these amazing berries!  Below I will share my super easy recipe- in both mouth watering honey-syrup and the ever-so healthy stevia version!

kicks your colds butt!

deals a plenty at Safeway

Always great deals to be found here.  Always.  Staying on budget is REALLY important to securing my job as a stay-at-home mom.  I shop around and i always shop at Safeway!

A couple bargains i got today were these meat packs, natural ground turkey and some bison!  we LOVE bison in this house, a natural, lean meat, 50% is the only way i can squeeze it into my budget!

Grapefruit are still 33 cents each through tomorrow, that is a bargain for sure!!!

Menu Plan Monday: 21-Day Fix Style

Im doing this 100% healthy for my full 21 days, so, yes- dinners are extra healthy right now too!  lucky for me the family doesn't mind one bit!

Here is what I have planned for the week:

free emergen-C

free sample of emergen-C!  can't have too much of this stuff :)  get it HERE!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Deneve Riverock Essential Diffuser Review

The generous folks over at Deneve sent me a beautiful new product to test, review and share.  Goodness do I feel lucky!  Thanks Deneve!  You guys rock!
the Riverock by Deneve does indeed rock
They sent me this BEAUTIFUL essential oil diffuser called Riverock.....  

sunday check in

i started the 21 Day Fix last tuesday. i have been eating a healthy diet every. single. second. since.  i have done my 30 minute dvd workout every day this week.

and here i am, 6 days later, feeling stronger and slimmer. i thought it was all in my mind. then i took measurements.

and I couldn't believe my eyes.......

21 Day Fix; food diary for a day. 1,200-1,499 calorie plan

When I opened up my package I was a little shocked to see how small my food containers were.  After doing the math I discovered how many I was allowed during the day.  Eh, it seemed somewhat reasonable..  I was committed and going to give it my all!

Focusing on wholesome, healthy foods is key in this plan.

I started this program at 152lbs and 5' 10".  This put me in the smallest food plan.  I am currently on day 5 and I pretty much feel like I have this down.  Easy peasy.

I thought it would be fun to document a full days meals, just examples of some of the foods I am eating on this clearly laid out plan.  And to show that healthy food is the way to go.  NOT starvation.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rosemary Chicken for Crockpot. so easy and 21 Day Fix approved

yum.  this was delish, and so easy!  i used NO oil and NO sweeteners, just simple ingredients!  plan about a total of 2 minutes to throw this together!

zarbees immune support free sample!

now THIS will be perfect for travel!  get your free sample of elderberry immune support here!  we've used their honey cough products before and they were great!  excited for this one!

Friday, December 5, 2014

respecting 2014s goals and the journey

At the beginning of this year I was working really hard here at home while raising my young kiddos, house full of pets and 7 big acres to 'maintain'.  My hubby is a Submariner so he isn't home much.  Much of the time its all me.  Im okay with this, it is part of life.

I had made the goal at the New Year to take care of myself in 2014.  It wasn't going well.  I didn't have a spare second for myself.  Ever.

In February I was raking in money, but I was exhausted, not doing a good job raising my girls and I really wasn't spiritually happy.  I brought in a lot of cash that Spring but spent much of it on convenience food, since I didn't have time to cook, and on useless items to keep my kids entertained...  sure, it was nice to have the spare cash to replace our fridge when it died, but otherwise it wasn't an ideal cycle for our family.  The extra money was certainly not buying happiness.

so I made a new and extreme goal.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

shampoo sample!

    do you wash your hair or know someone who does?
  this free sample set might be fun to try!
      also would be good for holiday travel!!!

quick 21-day fix approved Taco Soup in the crock-pot

okay friends, i've started up a new plan and I'm hitting it HARD.  being winter and all i need my satisfying soups so i whipped this bad boy up.  its awesome.  and so dang easy.  and really dang healthy. and the family LOVED it.  im a winner.

taco soup.  but healthy.  did you know taco soup was the first meal i ever cooked my husband?  i was living all by myself in a tiny little loft apartment with a phenomenal view of the water.... ah, to be 21 again....

yeah- i also haven't talked about my new commitment yet but I'm pretty certain its changing my life.  I'm on day 3 and already noticing a huge difference...  more on that later.

okay, back to the mouthwatering soup!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

no excuses. workout wednesday.

im taking this break between Thanksgiving and Christmas to hit the healthy hard. i have my workout plan in place as well as my awesome dietary menu. im giving this 100% of my all for just over 2 weeks.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

menu plan monday: turkey day detox

wow. the week following a major 'food holiday'. and for us it was a family trip with tons and tons of good food and fun treats! oy!  im back home now and ready to get healthy!

monday: eat on the road or at the airport- we are on our way home!

tuesday: build your own tacos, taco salad (make double batch ground beef for soup thurs)

wednesday: turkey burgers with quinoa and roasted broccoli

thursday: taco soup

friday: home made pizza, veggie tray  (gonna make my personal pizza on a ww tortilla!)

saturday: veggie stir fry with chicken and quinoa

sunday: pasta night! with salad and homemade bread

what are you eating this week?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

holiday splurges

enjoying my eggnog latte by the warm fire on this snow-dusted morning, a regular for me on this lovely family trip. breakfast will be decadent maple-syrup drenched bacon, herbed eggs and warm blueberry muffins, soft in the middle and with a sweet crispness to the top. i do love good food, flavors, textures and always eager to try something new. 

i have certainly overdone it this vacation. i do know moderation is key and i do love living a healthy lifestyle. i love feeling good, energetic and happy. it sure is hard to feel bubbly when you are weighed down with heavy food. 

i will enjoy these decadent splurges and look forward to kicking it back into healthy gear when i once again am joined back with reality.  

until then we shall enjoy each moment and savor each new experience. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Free Bic Soliel razor!

a fun freebie- and we all need to shave our legs, right?  ....though this razor may offer more than just that...  either way, a free razor is a good razor!  anything to help us run faster, right???  ;)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Easy Crockpot Irish Colcannon inspired meal

Dipping into my Irish heritage i truly LOVE potatoes and cabbage.  LOVE THEM.  Especially cabbage.  Cant get enough, just ask my family ;)

chicken lime throw it together crockpot soup!

Soup making is a skill of mine I have to admit.  I love to browse random related recipes and get inspiration for dinner.  Using only what I had on hand I whipped up this fantastic soup.  It was very good!  and so very easy :)

this is what i had on hand.  and it worked!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nescafé with Coffee-Mate Review: a swift kick in the pants! and coupon!

I got the opportunity to give a fun new product a try!  I can honestly say this is my first time trying a Nescafé product.  A true Seattle girl I am a fan espresso shops as well as powerful, quality rich coffee made fresh at home.  Here is my review...

Fabletics Review- my totally honest opinion, from a tall mama

I had to do it.  That bribe of a beautiful, flattering and high quality 2 or 3 piece yoga/running outfit at a bargain-basement cheap price.

You know they had me 'discount'.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

skinny caramel nog martini

Now this.  This.  Yes.

my 64 calorie peach margarita

I made a fantastic chicken lime southwest inspired soup for dinner tonight(recipe to be posted by or sometime tomorrow) so of course I though a margarita was in order!  

Birchbox Review November 2014 #shaRED

Oh how I love my Birchbox arrival!  It is like getting a birthday present in the mail!  This months box does not disappoint!

Friday, November 21, 2014

free magazines

Like magazines?  We do too.  Did you know we get magazines at our house and they are TOTALLY FREE?!?!?!  YES! its true!

I earn them by doing easy surveys.  One of my favorite companies is Rewards Survey.  Totally legit, answer some questions and get a free magazine subscription.  They offer both paper and digital subscriptions, be sure to pay attention to what type when choosing your subscription.  No strings attached (okay- I cannot guarantee that they won't send you junk email- because they might and I don't notice as I get a lot ;) ).  If you do a survey and don't find a subscription you like don't worry, your information will be saved and you can check back the following week to see the new magazine offerings!

delicious earth inspired tooth paste for kids!

I really outdid myself this time!  Years of practice and I know what my kids like = the perfect recipe! FINALLY!  This toothpaste is sweet and fruity, has a smooth consistency and tastes yummy!  No funny strong particles, not harsh at all, just perfect for my kids.  OH!  and its good for them and naturally fights cavities.

five dollar friday

Ahhh,  $5 Friday is quickly becoming a regular for me.  

We didn't need much on the grocery end of life BUT my daughters FAVORITE cereal was on sale so I pretty much HAD to grab it!  She asked sweetly on the way home if she could have some 'pop cheerios' and giggled with glee when i told her yes.  We don't eat a lot of cereal in our house and I just recently discovered that she believes the word 'cheerios' mean cereal, and these make a popping sound....  making them 'Pop Cheerios'.  Goodness gracious I love her.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

15 minutes...

i can only spare 15 minutes today and im gonna ride my stationary bike.
i have dinner to finish, places to go and kids to tend to.
im taking 15 minutes for me. i deserve to feel good!

natural bath and toilet scrub, easy DIY with 3 only ingredients!

3 easy ingredients!

This is a great recipe I throw together from time to time.  Quick, safe, effective and frugal- plus it smells awesome :)

free Chicken of The Sea Salmon!

a great coupon for a totally free pack of Chicken of the Sea Flavored Salmon!  the link to print it out is HERE.

Wouldn't this be great over a bed of greens for a quick and healthy lunch?  oh yes!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

mending my own

I am pulling out the sewing machine today. 

nectar of the Gods....

some days i need some coffee. today i need more than one. 
the air is brisk and cool, my yard is overgrown but beautifully lush. i can see a little snow on the tops of the mountains. this week is going to be crazy busy. 
but i have my coffee to keep me going. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

our menu for the week!  a thrifty trend is starting so we can counteract the expensive holidays!  :)

kale ceasar salad

quiche- freezer meal
roasted potatoes
tomato soup

crockpot chicken something i will throw together! 
carrot salad

soup in crockpot
fresh bread




What is on your menu this week?  Do the holidays effect your weekly menu, time to prepare food or your food budget? 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

ipsy November 2014 Review. $51 worth of product! Girl Meets Glitter! ipsy review

in photo i am wearing be a bombshell submissive eye base, TEMPTU highlighter in pink pearl, Jcat wonder lip paint in Red Potion, StarLooks eyeliner in Ultra Orchid as well as hairspray in MOROCCO by Marc Anthony. 

OH, the ipsy mail delivery.  possibly the best day of the month!  a present for me?  but its not even my birthday!!  what oh what could be in this beautiful sparkly new make-up bag?  did i get my $10 worth?  quite certainly i already know the answer before i unzip the magenta ipsy zipper to reveal my prize.

and here it is!  in all its glory.  There is no value placed on the make-up bag so I have to use my best guesstimate here, do you think that is fair?  i sure do...  its nicely lined, fairly sturdy and something I would be proud to hold in public, or to stuff in my purse ;)  Make-up bag value IMO $6

STARLOOKS eyeliner in Ultra Orchid.  This is a gem pencil- very soft and easy to apply, a beautiful plum-orchid color with a hint of sparkle.  I am in love with this color, seriously IN LOVE.  I never would have chosen purple eyeliner for myself and life would have been boring without this.  Thank you ipsy!  Full size liner valued at $17

TEMPTU highlighter, a sample sized at 3ml, but this will last a while!  I already know I love TEMPTU brand and find this product easy and effortless to apply.  It quickly brightens up my face and makes me look fresh, awake and dare I say younger!  Generous sample valued at $5.

be a bombshell Eye Base in submissive.  This cream eyeshadow is spot-on perfect for me.  So easy to apply with a swipe of my finger, adds dimension and depth, I love it!  Full sized item valued at $14.

J.cat Wonder Lip Paint.  This is truly a serious lip stain (see top image photo on myself).  Awesome color for me, especially for the holidays, i've heard great things about J.cat and Im thrilled to have tried it myself!  I will be sporting this all season long!  Full sized item valued at just $5.

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Hairspray with Argan Oil.  This is a winner!  With 3 girls in the house we love hairspray.  Very light fragrance, the benefits of healthy oils, what more could we ask for?  Generous sample size valued at about $4.

Grand total value of this great set is $51.  I will use every single item here!  I only paid $10 and the shipping was free, it is filled with things I would not have chosen, nor can I find in my small town.  I am beyond happy!

Think you want to try ipsy?  They have a loyalty plan, points for reviewing products on their site (so easy) and points for referring friends!  With these bargains you can earn free products!  Double wow!  Check it out through my link HERE and you will be happy you did <3

This review was done out of my own joy, it was not at all sponsored by ipsy.

2 ingredient Banana Cookies

So easy, so healthy and so good!!

Only 2 ingredients needed: oats and bananas!

Mash up your bananas, add in your oats and toss in the oven. I like to add extras, chocolate always makes these into divine treats!!!  We put M&Ms and dried cranberries in this batch- oh YUM!

2 Ingredient Banana Cookies

preheat oven to 350 degrees
bake for 15 minutes

Mix this well after your banana is mashed:
1 cup oats
2 bananas

Thats it!!!! 
Drop onto greased pan and bake as normal. 

I always double or triple this excellent recipe. They probably freeze well- but we devour ours before I am ever needing to consider storage options.

I always love adding extras to ours! Some of my favorites are:
chocolate chips
a dash salt
protein powder
flax seeds
coconut oil

What would you add to yours?

Black Box Wine Review

I've been hearing great things about Black Box Wines...  or maybe I have just been seeing them everywhere.  I wanted to know 'is this stuff any good?'  and when i mean 'good' I mean better than 2 Buck-Chuck, because that is my point of reference on wine these days ;)

Our local Safeway had these on sale for 30% off and I was able to get $1 back through an Ibotta rebate making my box $16.50.  A Black Box is equal to 4 full bottles of wine so my cost per bottle is now just $4.13.  That is a price I can justify!

Black Box proudly announces their wine to be award-winning of 40 Gold Medals through Wine Enthusiast and having been awarded 27 Best Buy marks as well!  Sounds impressive!

"Rich aromas of dark fruit complemented by a deep, lush body the finish is soft and long with lingering notes of berry".  Well said Black Box, well said.

I purchased the Cabernet Sauvignon because I prefer a deep red wine in the winter and wanted to fully use my ibotta rebate- which was only on a selected few.

I thoroughly enjoyed this wine.  I felt it had very nice flavor, was a spot-on Cabernet and the finish was warm and soothing. Not at all cheap or bitter, just pleasant.  I would rate this wine as a good $10-12 bottle.  Certainly a fantastic value, I will certainly be purchasing this brand again, excited to try the other flavors they offer!  Malbec and Shiraz are next on my list!  With a selection of 11 types of wines offered- I bet your favorite is on there too!

Black Box claims the box will stay fresh for 4 weeks.  Challenge accepted!  Who am I kidding, this will probably only last 2 weeks at my house ;)  This would be perfect for a party too, or fancy dinner events- simply disperse into a glass decanter and you instantly have designer wine on a budget price!

This review was not at all sponsored by Black Box Wines, I simply purchased this out of my own free will for the sake of pure education.  This review was the opinion of both my husband and I combined.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Easy Delicious OMG Caesar Inspired Kale Salad

wow.  this is something i would easily find myself eating too much of.  maybe it is the fresh garlic...  maybe it is the tangy fresh lemon-ceasar infused with the earthiness of the kale....  its awesome and my whole family went crazy for it!  my preschooler only ate about half of her huge bowl and my hubby gave me a side glance as he quickly claimed it for himself.  yes folks, its that good.

Easy Delicious OMG Caesar Inspired Kale Salad

A bunch of kale, torn up and clean- a large bowl full works
3 Tbs Caesar dressing (from bottle or homemade)
3 Tbs lemon juice
2 Tbs olive oil
1 large clove fresh crushed garlic
a couple cracks of salt and pepper

mix all well, let sit a good 20-30 minutes for the acidic dressing to soften and shrink the kale a tad. lastly top with a few tomatoes or croutons and inhale!  your welcome! 

Re-Mineralizing, Whitening Squeezable Magic Toothpaste!

I have been making toothpaste and toothpowder's for years.  I think I have found the perfect combo of tooth whitening and health benefits while still tasting good.  Yes, this stuff is Husband Approved!  We like to put the term 'magic' in front of many things in our house, it just makes them more special.  And after you read the benefits you too will think this stuff is magical!

-Clay is amazing, it sucks impurities and toxins out of most porous materials and is a gentle cleaner.  Bentonite and Kaolin and the top 2 with these great properties.  Bentonite is better as it has a higher mineral content.

-Baking Soda is a great scrubber, it can help to remove plaque and stains quickly and easily!  It is great for ph balance, naturally alkaline it is ideal to balance and keep us healthy.

-Calcium powder provides calcium and magnesium to help remineralize teeth!!!

-Xylitol is widely used in Europe and we can find it here in the US if we put effort into it, its popularity is growing here.  Its been shown to prevent and even reverse cavities- many of the top natural toothpaste companies use it.  Xylitol is also a great sweetener!

-Salt is an excellent antiseptic, it is key for a healthy mouth.  Be certain you are using pure mineral-rich sea salt, or another rich source, generic 'salt' found in your grocer may indeed be chemically processed and technically be sodium, not real salt.  Mineral rich salt is very beneficial for your mouth.

-Activated Charcoal is powerful stuff!  Blacker than black this amazing powder is a serious toxin sponge. It pulls chemicals and toxins and adheres them to itself, so if you were to swallow activated charcoal you would pass all the bad stuff right through!  Its amazing medical claims date back hundreds of years.

-Witch Hazel is amazing for gum health!  It fights inflammation and promotes healing, another natural antiseptic.

-Essential oils all have their own amazing properties, which ever you use to flavor your toothpaste is up to you! I used spearmint in this recipe, peppermint is another favorite of mine.

My simple recipe can be as basic or as complex as you would like it to be!  The main ingredients you will need to make this work are the 1) clay and 2) witch hazel (or water would work here but has a shorter shelf-life of a couple weeks).  When you are certain to have these ingredients you can skip any of the others as needed! Simple!

I made this batch to fit one of those sample-sized tubes you get free from the dentist.  I cut the back end off the tube and wash it well.  I use a bag-tie thing to seal the end(got these at Ikea years ago but I'm sure they can be found anywhere now).  How about that!  Your toothpaste is not only healthy but frugal too!  No need to buy a fancy holder!  You can also put this in a little jar if you wish- it would be best to scoop it out each time as to not contaminate it though!

Magic Toothpaste
makes less than 1 ounce, roughly enough to fill a sample sized tube.  

4tsp Kaolin Clay
2tsp calcium (i used about 3 cal-mag pills from my vitamin stash)
2 tsp xylitol 
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp activated charcoal
2-3 tsp witch hazel
15 drops essential oil

Important first rule is to use NO metal tools.  Get out your glass, plastic and silicone for this recipe.  Clays and charcoal react and/or pull metals from those items depending.  You will also need a pestle and mortar to grind up your xylitol, calcium pills(unless you have powdered calcium) and your salt.  

Carefully put all dry ingredients into a non-metal container and mix well.  Add your witch hazel and drops of essential oils on top of it.  Carefully stir.  Add more liquid as needed or more clay until you get a consistency you like.

Simply spoon your toothpaste into your container and seal with your bag clip!  Voilà!

oh how i love Safeway!

Made my shopping list last night as I viewed the ad (which i did indeed post yesterday).  I printed out ONE coupon, brought my grocery cash envelope, a snack for the little girl and went to it!

I maximized the sales, scoured the 50% off sections and stuck to my list.  If it wasn't on my list I had to be certain I had a use for it.  Being naturally thrifty I am not one to make impulse buys anyway...  I did let me little girl pick a fun chocolate-cherry yogurt from the 50% off bin, which she ate so it is not in the pic!

Grand total before club-card, before my one coupon is $113.75.

That is probably a fair price, I got a LOT of food!  That bag of organic kale is HUGE and I got a lot of almond milk, pantry staples and that HUGE box of 'designer' wine which equals 4 total bottles!!  (wow- can't wait to give that a try!!!)

After my single coupon, my Club Card AND my ibotta rebates (todays rebates are $1.50, don't belong to ibotta? sign for this free service here and use my referral code: xaofggi) my grand total is $59.11.  Thats a huge savings!!!

I would say that is pretty dang good since I purchased fairly healthy food, didn't spend time clipping coupons and focused on food that we will actually be eating (no purchases 'just because its a bargain'= no food waste).

Thursday, November 13, 2014

so easy quiche!

A great, fast and hearty meal favorite of mine to throw together is an easy quiche!  This non-recipe works both with or without a crust! Serve alongside a cup of soup and some hearty bread. 

It was delicious!

Customize with whatever you have on hand. I roasted up some broccoli, cooked some turkey bacon and tossed that in my empty pans (with and without crust). Added a few slices of cheddar then poured on my egg mix. 

Normally i use just a little more egg than this- but it was still super yummy! 

Last pop it in a preheated oven at 325 for about 30-40 minutes. 

Per quiche i use roughly:
4 eggs
few Tbs sour cream or yoghurt
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp Italian seasoning
1/2 tsp nutmeg

Throw in bowl and whisk well. Pour into greased pans filled with hearty additions:
assorted veggies
assorted cheeses
optional meat

I tripled this recipe to create 3 quiches (oops- really i only had 8 eggs total- but no biggie, it still worked great!). We ate 1 for dinner and I froze the other 2! (freeze after cooking and cooling completely, toss whole thing in gallon ziplock bag. Thaw in fridge and heat on low til warm for next easy dinner)